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Niche and Watch your Business Grow

I talk about NICHING a lot!

And do you know why? Because I have experienced business success because of my niche.

I am a Business Coach for Parent Coaches. I chose this niche because working with Parent Coaches supported my big WHY! And, it was something I was good at - it was something I had experience with - it was something that I am trained in - and I have used all of these tools and strategies to grow a profitable business for over 2 decades.

Made so much sense to niche to support Parent Coaches. But what if I decided to be a general Business Coach? Would you have even found me? I think I would have been lost in a sea of other general Business Coaches.

Lucky for me, I niched and you were able to find me and get the unique, targeted support you need to grow your coaching business.

So, if you are hesitant to niche, it may be because you are waiting for the perfect niche...the perfect group of people to work with or the perfect problem to solve.

Let me tell you this right...

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How can a Parent Coach attract clients?

Attracting clients is an essential part of building a successful parent coaching business. Here are some strategies that parent coaches can use to attract clients:

  1. Niche down: Identifying a specific area of expertise and niche audience can help a parent coach attract clients who are looking for help with specific issues.
  2. Build a strong online presence: Having a professional website and social media presence can help potential clients find and learn more about a parent coach and their services.
  3. Offer free resources: Creating and sharing valuable resources, such as blog posts, e-books, or webinars, can help build trust with potential clients and demonstrate a coach's expertise.
  4. Network and collaborate: Joining relevant groups, attending events, and collaborating with other professionals in related fields can help a parent coach reach new audiences and attract new clients.
  5. Ask for referrals: Encouraging satisfied clients to refer their friends and family members can help a parent...
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Do I need to be certified to be a Parent Coach?

There is no specific certification required to become a parent coach, however, obtaining a certification in a related field, such as counseling, psychology, or education, can help to establish credibility and provide a foundation of knowledge and skills.

Having a certification in a related field may also be helpful in attracting clients, as it demonstrates a level of expertise and commitment to the profession. However, it is not a requirement, and many successful parent coaches have built their careers through experience, training, and personal development.

Ultimately, the most important factor in being a successful parent coach is having a deep understanding of parenting, the ability to connect with parents, and the skills to support them in achieving their goals. Whether through a certification program or other means, parent coaches should strive to continuously expand their knowledge and skills to provide the best possible support to their clients.

If you are wondering if you...

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Parent Coaches - never feel like you are selling again! Turn sales into service!

Whenever I get on a discovery call, I never focus on selling, and you don't need to either. Turn your love of your product into serving your audience and you will never have to feel like you are selling.

A lot of Parent Coaches I work with say they don't ask for the sale because they don't want to feel icky and salesy. Is this you too? It will be hard to build a business if you never ask for the sale.

Use these tips to help you turn selling into serving and watch your business grow!

Here are some tips to help you get better at sales:

  1. Know your product/service: Familiarize yourself with the features, benefits, and value proposition of your product/service. This will help you to effectively communicate its value to potential customers.

  2. Understand your customer: Get to know your customer's needs, motivations, and pain points. This will help you to tailor your sales pitch and build stronger relationships with your customers.

  3. Develop effective communication skills: Practice active...

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Why you need a Business Coach

Starting a business is not easy. Starting a business on your own is down right difficult!

5% of new businesses are still running after their first year.

That means 95% of the people that start a business right now, will not be in business in 1 year. Those are some grim odds. But wait...there is a way to have a higher chance of being a part of the 5%. Would you like to know how?

When I started my business almost 22 years ago, I decided to set my ego aside and take a hard look at what I was really good at. I made two lists, one that included the things I was good at and a second list, which happened to be much longer, included everything I was not good at.

A business plan, marketing, finance, and technology were amongst the items that I had trouble with. I had no Idea where to start! I started my business by printing parenting books, so I added publishing to that long list of items that I knew nothing about.

I could have let this stop me. But instead, I looked for help. I started by...

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7 Steps to Success!

Do you ever get so frustrated that clients are not consistently booking with you, that you want to give up?

I completely understand. It is easy to lose hope when there is a lull in client bookings.

You are not alone - in fact, this was me just two weeks ago. I was feeling deflated and wondering if perhaps, no one needed my services anymore.

So, I sat in that feeling for a bit and then I realized I have full control over what I do next with that thought. I could continue to feel frustrated and I could give up, or I could continue on with bold conviction that my next client is just waiting to hear from me.

And this is exactly what I did...step by step:

  1. I took a long walk, then a long shower to clear my head.
  2. I meditated on gratitude for all my fabulous clients - current and past.
  3. I journaled all my thoughts then journaled the thoughts I would rather have - ones that served me better.
  4. I took action - sent voice messages, reached out to those that expressed interest in the past etc.
  5. I...
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How to Build Your Email List


Watch this short video to discover why it is so important to start building your list today! I will walk you through the process of creating an offer to help you build your ideal audience!

Not sure where to get started? Choose one of the items below to begin building your list today!


  1. Checklist
  2. PDF of a blueprint of your work
  3. Instant access to a print off/PDF - myths, answers, tips, must-knows etc
  4. Quiz 
  5. Challenge
  6. E-book
  7. Video
  8. Video series
  9. Physical item
  10. Access to your Facebook Group


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How to Stay On Track When You Want to Give Up

Sometimes in business, we have immense clarity - we know exactly what we are doing and we forge ahead...and other times, we sit at our desks staring blankly and wondering where to begin and wanting to give up - there is so much to do!

In my Business Coaching practice, I encourage these 10 tips to help keep you on track and moving forward:

  1. Have a clear plan. A plan for social media posts, a plan for when you will work on what, a plan for marketing, a plan for creative time away from your desk, a plan for onboarding, a plan for gratitude etc.
  2. Put one thing on your desk (to-do) list at one time. Shut down all distractions (that's right, no Facebook or Clubhouse) until it is done! Then put it away.
  3. Stay hydrated, eat well, and exercise. You won't work well if your body isn't.
  4. Get an outside opinion. We stare at our work so much that we miss things that are obvious to others. Get an accountability partner (lots of amazing coaches in this group), hire a business coach...
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What questions to ask during an Exploratory Call

Your exploratory, introductory, or discovery call (all the same thing:) is one of the most powerful tools you can implement in your Parent Coaching business. This is the moment that could turn a potential client into a paying client. 

There are three phases of a call:

  1. Preparing for a call
  2. Preforming the call
  3. Following up after the call

Let's dive into each phase so that you can master your exploratory call and book more clients. I am not going to talk about how to get clients on a call as I cover that in a lot of my other articles. Today I will only cover what to do once someone reaches out to book a call.

1. Preparing for the call.

Make it easy for people to book a call with you. I use Calendly, but there are other options out there. 

To prepare for the call you will want to ask preliminary questions. Ask three questions to be answered when someone books a call. I add these to Calendly.

  1. Please tell me a bit about yourself. 
  2. What is your biggest concern...
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Why have a Parent Coaching Contract?

Having a contract between you, the Coach, and the parent(s) is one of the most important legal documents you will use.

A contract helps your clients know exactly what you are providing and it helps keep the liability of the coach to a minimum.

This contract will give a clear list of expectations and set boundaries around timing, payment, cancellation etc.

A contract helps to keep your relationship professional and can be referred to if there is any question of the working relationship between you, the Coach, and the parent(s).

Having a contract that includes copyright rules can save you from having your materials copied and distributed elsewhere, outside of your coaching relationship.

What should a coaching contract include?

The contract should include:

  • Definitions of Coach and Client
  • What is included
  • What is expected by both Coach and Client
  • The Schedule
  • Timing
  • Costs
  • Terms
  • Copyright
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Signatures

When creating your contract always have it...

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