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How to Stay On Track When You Want to Give Up

Sometimes in business, we have immense clarity - we know exactly what we are doing and we forge ahead...and other times, we sit at our desks staring blankly and wondering where to begin and wanting to give up - there is so much to do!

In my Business Coaching practice, I encourage these 10 tips to help keep you on track and moving forward:

  1. Have a clear plan. A plan for social media posts, a plan for when you will work on what, a plan for marketing, a plan for creative time away from your desk, a plan for onboarding, a plan for gratitude etc.
  2. Put one thing on your desk (to-do) list at one time. Shut down all distractions (that's right, no Facebook or Clubhouse) until it is done! Then put it away.
  3. Stay hydrated, eat well, and exercise. You won't work well if your body isn't.
  4. Get an outside opinion. We stare at our work so much that we miss things that are obvious to others. Get an accountability partner (lots of amazing coaches in this group), hire a business coach...
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Ways to make money as a Parent Coach

If you think the only way to make money as a Parent Coach is 1:1 coaching, think again!

In this article, I want to share with you a few additional ways you can create the income you desire while you build up your coaching business.

It wasn't long ago when I was wondering how I would ever pay the bills with my 1:1 Business Coaching. I knew people that needed my services, but every time I spoke to them about what I do, they said it sounded great but then didn't book with me.

Now, when I am on a call with a potential client, 8 out of 10 times, they book in immediately. 

What's the difference you ask? The difference is, I got clear on who I serve and how I serve them. I niched to becoming a Business Coach for Parent Coaches. And, if you are a Parent Coach, it is a no-brainer to work with me. (shameless plug:)

Niching is one of the things you will hear me say over and over to ANYONE that will listen! If you don't have a clearly defined niche, no one will be clear on...

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