I work with brilliant, heart-centred, and powerful Parent Coaches who are ready to ATTRACT clients with confidence to grow a kick-ass business.

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As a Business Coach for Parent Coaches

I know how to help you STAND OUT and ATTRACT clients with a defined niche and clear messaging. When you work with me, you will see where to focus your energy - what to hang on to and what to let go of. It all begins here, with your Niche. Download Chapter 1 of my book "Unlock Your Niche Superpower" to begin.





Imagine waking up to a full calendar of clients ready to work with you? It is possible!

Spend 10 weeks with me to build a solid foundation for your coaching practice. I teach you how your niche can attract your ideal clients with ease, how you can show up in service and never feel icky selling yourself and your coaching, and how you can turn up the energy to scale.

Oh, and did I mention you get your own Virtual Assistant to help you with all the tech you need to get your business set up for success!

There is no other program just like this! If you are ready to take your business seriously, I am ready to help you grow!

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Read my story¬† ‚ěĚ

This isn't work - it's a movement. Parent Coaching changes lives.

How do I know this? Because Parent Coaches changed my life and my relationship with all four of my kids. I have made it my mission to help Parent Coaches build a coaching practice that not only makes them money, but gets them fired-up and full of they can help more families like mine. That's the kick-ass energy that attracts quality, paying clients...and I want that for you!


I help you attract into your life: more clients, more passion, more joy, and more time to do what you love.

It's a BOLD statement that I base my entire business around - for YOU, the brilliant coach!

It all begins with YOU and what YOU want to create with your beautiful life.

All of this is possible if you are willing to put in the work, manage your mind, and take consistent action!

That's right - you will be making decisions and moving forward!

Continue reading to learn more about how I do this through my Signature Program.


ATTRACT & Accelerate

Fast-Track Success for Parent Coaches

This is my signature program that helps you, the Parent Coach, get set up for success quickly so you can start ATTRACTing instead of chasing your next client. No more spinning your wheels!

At the end of our 10-weeks together you will have the following items in place:

  • A business structure that fills you with passion and purpose
  • Confidence in¬†yourself and your ability to create a transformation with your audience
  • Set¬†goals and manage your time around those goals
  • Define your niche to STAND OUT and be seen as an expert
  • Create messaging that attracts clients consistently and doesn't overwhelm you
  • Create a social media plan that works to attract your ideal clients
  • Build a community of raving fans
  • Build your email list
  • Create a paid offer and confident pricing
  • Discover how your unique skills and experience can create¬†a process that sets you apart from others

PLUS: you will have access to your own personal VIRTUAL ASSISTANT while you are in this program! That's right...this is not only create a kick-ass business, you have support to implement it in real-time! Your virtual assistant can help you with your website, email sequences, social media posts, and more!

Let's go! You will not find anything as cost-effective, and valuable as this program focused 100% on you, the brilliant Parent Coach that you are. 

ATTRACT & Accelerate - JOIN WAITLIST - $150 OFF

What's Included in ATTRACT & Accelerate?

This Fast-Track Program gives you: 10 weeks of live coaching, Instant Access to Bonus Online Training, Workbooks, & Your own Virtual Assistant

PLUS: A year for FREE inside the Parent Coach Club including Done-for-You workbooks, email sequences, and more...


What's Included

Instant access to ATTRACT - a Step-by-Step Recorded Training - VALUE $1299

10 Live Training Sessions - VALUE $3995

Monthly Coaching Calls - VALUE $3995

Your own Personal Virtual Assistant - VALUE $2900

BONUS: 1 year inside the Parent Coach Club - VALUE $564

For a TOTAL VALUE OF $12,753 for ONLY $1500.



"Jennifer is a fantastic business coach who goes above and beyond to ensure her client's success. She brings wisdom, warmth, and her full attention to every session and conversation. I would recommend Jennifer's 1:1 coaching and the group coaching program to anyone who needs a kick start in their business, or like me, found it time to reevaluate marketing strategy, messaging, and CRM processes. "


"Guys, if you haven't done this yet - it's a MUST HAVE for your business!"


"Best investment you could ever make."


"Highly recommend - especially if you are just getting started or feel stuck"


"Hands down the best investment I have ever made in my business. Run, don't walk!"


"Jen is truly brilliant. Not only is she truly invested in her students, she breaks things down in a way that makes everything seem simple."


"I am feeling SO much better about building my business after participating in this Group Coaching program...I am glad I decided to join. I was also inspired by everyone in the group."

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...and guess what? You were never meant to do this on your own. That's why I created ATTRACT & Accelerate that connects you to others while you grow your business. If you want tools, strategies, support AND your own personal Virtual Assistant to help you create something fabulous, this is the place to start!


1ÔłŹ‚É£ ATTRACT & Accelerate - Fast Track¬†Success

Just starting out? Or maybe you have been struggling to grow your business for years. This is the program for you! Instant access to ATTRACT, 7 steps to success, 10 live group calls plus personal tech support and so much more!




Continue your journey surrounded by other coaches cheering you on once you have completed the ATTRACT & Accelerate program. Our weekly calls keep you moving forward and hold you accountable.



3ÔłŹ‚É£ INNER CIRCLE - small group mastermind

When you are ready to take what works, and scale, this is the mastermind for you. Including 10 months of 1:1 coaching, group mentorship, and an in-person retreat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Earnings Disclaimer: I love what I do and who I do it for. Parent Coaches have hearts of gold. I am a Business Coach for Parent Coaches, but I do not claim to offer a 'get-rich-quick' program for Parent Coaches to follow. If you are looking for a 'get-rich-quick' program, this is not it. I encourage you to put in the work, serving your audience consistently and providing immense value. I make no claims that you will increase your income - and I would recommend that you be cautious of anyone that does. I offer you great tools, strategies, and guidance, but ultimately the results are up to you!