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Relationships and How to Improve Them

This is one word that has been on my mind lately, and even more so now that we are about to enter a new year.

Relationships – how to keep the good ones, get rid of the bad ones, and build stronger ones with the people closest to me.

2019 has proved to be a year of reflection for me. I didn’t wait until the end of the year to reflect, I did this all year long and came to a lot of conclusions, and in turn, came up with a few strategies that made my life (and the lives of all my family) better.

These strategies were not a cure all – they don’t work all the time and sometimes new situations come up that leave me wondering where I went wrong. Now that I know what to do, how could I go wrong again?

The answer is simple – I am only human.

I think the pressure to be perfect has long since left our home…the longing for peace has taken over the perfection sought after when you always feel you have to have a clean house, fresh baked cookies on the table,...

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Mama, please look through my eyes today

Dear mama,

Please look at yourself through my eyes today.

You are enough.

I know it is hard right now. You don’t see how you will get through this. You are tired, frustrated, and lost.


Someday soon you won’t feel like this anymore.

You will feel loved, valued, appreciated, treasured, and fully and completely enough.

And I hope that someday comes soon for you because I know what it is like to feel the pain you are feeling right now.

You may have a new baby, a growing child, a teen, or an adult child – we are all together right now no matter what the age of our children.

You are surrounded with love and support, and a world of other women lifting you up on the days that you cannot lift yourself. Even if you don’t see us, we are here cheering you on and lifting you higher.

Fear not for your future because it is bright and full of contentment that is alien to you right now.

Your child will make mistakes, and so will you…and so will every...

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A New Perspective Can Change Your Life

Good morning friends! It’s early Saturday morning and my plan was to sleep in…but for some reason my eyes opened at 6:00 am and all I could think of was…what can I do for you today…what can we do here to make your life as a parent easier?

I wanted to share a bit of perspective with you and tell you a story about my week…and my hope is that someday you feel comfortable sharing with us…because I know this group is loving and supportive and a safe, non-judgy place to connect…and it always makes me feel better to share.

At the beginning of the week I felt defeated…and I think as parents we all feel like we are not doing enough, we are not working enough, we are not spending time with our family enough, we are not smart enough, strong enough, tall enough, short enough…or whatever. I was thinking about how I could do a better job with my work, I could connect more with my family, I could have more patience and send more love to...

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