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One of the great benefits of having my own business is that I can make any changes I want to my business, any time of the day, without anyone’s permission!  One of the biggest downfalls of having my own business is that I can make changes any time of the day without asking anyone’s permission!

You see my predicament here?

I want to change my logo, update my website, add new content to my sites, start a new project, call potential clients, create new programs, add more video, hire help…and the list goes on.  This is all great, but it becomes a problem when I have so many things I want to change that I just end up surfing Facebook and not doing anything.  Overwhelm has this affect on me.

And, if you have known me for long you know that I like to find analogies to parenting…well, the overwhelm of owning a business would be one.

I have so many things I want to do with the kids, so many projects to start with them, updates to their bedrooms, organizing their bookshelves, sorting their clothes and packing up the clothes they have grown out of to donate, etc.

Before I know it, it will be summer and I won’t have successfully completed anything.  Well, not this year!

Overwhelm can get the best of us, but I have a plan for the new year that is sure to help both my business and my family.

ONE ITEM AT A TIME…AND, I start with a plan…and, I stick to the plan.

Plans are great, but I also find that I need to be accountable to someone to keep me on track.  Are you like that too?

Who keeps you accountable?

If you find that you don’t have anyone that can keep you on track, connect with me today.  I have been working with my sister and together we hold each other accountable to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day (at least 5 days a week!)  What area of your business stops you each day? Could you use someone to hold you accountable and show you a clear path so you can work on supporting parents instead of getting hung up on the tech or other processes? 

If you need a few ideas to get or keep you on track this year, here is my plan to reduce overwhelm and get sh$t done this year!

  1. Make a plan for business and for my family
  2. Set goals
  3. Break down the plan into one daily item – only one to eliminate overwhelm…and if you complete more than one, great…but no pressure and no distractions…just one item
  4. Find an accountability partner
  5. Celebrate when I follow the plan each week and have a big party when I follow the plan for 3 months
  6. Tell people about my plan…because that means I am committed to my plan
  7. Don’t let my fears stop me from following my plan

I think the last item should probably be moved to the top of the list.  Fear stops us from moving forward just as much as having too much to do does.  This year, don’t let fear stop you.  Move forward one step at a time and keep your goals in mind at all times!

Good luck!  If you would like help clearing some clutter so you have a clear path in your business, contact me today.




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