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5 steps to help you fall in love with your life (again)

Do you ever get up in the morning and immediately start thinking about the school lunches you have to make, the pile of laundry that never seems to get smaller, the morning rush when no one is happy, or the hours spent at work when you just wish you could be home?

This is how I started every day…and my greatest desire was to climb back into bed.

Wouldn’t you love it if you could get up in the morning, excited for the day ahead, loving every minute and never wishing away the moments?

I call this ‘falling in love with your life’….all of your life – the good, the bad, the ugly…the menial tasks that can drive a parent crazy if we let it.

How would your life look if you could wake up and love it all?  Think of it like a new romance…the honeymoon stage…

Recently, I had the chance to work with a group of amazing women that wanted to find more love and joy AND peace in their life.  We shared, we did a lot of laughing (mostly at ourselves) and crying, we worked through issues as they came up and we relied on each other for support and encouragement.  And in the end, we came to a place that worked for each of us…not always the same place, but the place that was custom tailored to fit us and our unique lives!  We did not allow negativity or judgement in anything we talked about…and before we knew it, we started loving our lives again…and I want this for you too!

Here are the 5 steps that allowed us all to start loving our lives again.

I call it The Confident Parent Success Path!

Step 1 – DOUBT – Stop doubting your parenting decisions.  Start living your desired life…you are allowed!  Identify where you are now and where you want to be…in every area of your life.  If they don’t match up, then you have some work to do…and a strategy to put in place so that you can end up where you want to be.

Step 2 – BUILD – Surround yourself with amazing, supportive, loving people.  No one has time for negativity, judgement, and shame.

Step 3 – DISCOVER – Bask in your amazing unique gifts and skills.  You are one-of-a-kind so why are we always trying to fit into everyone else’s idea of what life should look like?

Step 4 – BALANCE – Learn how to say no…or yes to things, people, and ideas that serve you and your family.

Step 5 – PEACE – Quiet yourself each day…even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes!  Take care of yourself for more patience, kindness, understanding, and love for your family.  They need you to be kind to yourself so they know how to be kind to themselves when they are adults!

If this resonates with you and makes you want to connect with others that are going through these steps to find peace and joy in their lives, please join us in a Closed Facebook Group where we can connect and share.  Join here!


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