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You won't meet better people! Grateful for all their kind words

"Jennifer did a presentation for my community on Finding your X factor and it was awesome! She is clear and enthusiastic about what she teachers, and she really gets to the heart of the matter. I truly enjoyed working with her!"

Erin Taylor
Parent, Business & Life Coach, Speaker

"Thank you for coming to speak at Gowan Consulting. Your talk was engaging, interactive, and motivating. You did a great job facilitating discussion within our team and helped us to identify out X-Factor! Your style and ability to pull information from our team was exceptional. You were able to help our team achieve clarity of our mission within one short hour! We would certainly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a meaningful, upbeat, and enthusiastic speaker to engage their audience and help them identify a way to make waves in their industry. We look forward to having you back to support future strategic planning sessions! Here is some feedback from our team: What did you enjoy about the presentation? Loved Jennifer! Clarity activity – group work All of it Great presentation, very useful and relative Positive, engaging, hilarious, very interactive Guest speaker/outside resource Very motivating and fun! Loved this. Interactive, initiated discussion Upbeat, engaging Enthusiasm of presenter"

Nancy Gowan
CEO, Gowan Consulting

"I'm excited to be a part of this WORLDWIDE network of parenting experts helping parents of teenagers create happier, healthier relationships. Thank you Jennifer McCallum for spearheading this important service for families today. "

Kim Muench
The Real Life Parent Guide, Parent Coach

"I got my client based today because of the first workshop! She bought my 6 week coaching package. Thank you Jennifer!!"

Laura Reagan
The Teen and Parent Relationship Whisperer, Parent Coach

"…my son’s teachers met with me to come up with a plan all about positivity and confidence building this year. They even used a few of the tricks we learned here (in this course) once I shared them! He’s been amazing this year. Every day has been a new celebration. Today the teacher told me she would like to get rid of the communication book as “one of her best students”, he truly has graduated from it. I get that it’s not a big deal to most. But I have been OVER THE MOON HAPPY! He is so proud and loving school. Thank you Jennifer McCallum… your tips and tricks helped in this!"

Heather C.
Confident Parent Member

"Love the course! The 1st week and sitting down and seeing were you are and what you want in the next 5 years is such a good tool, we all think about these things but never actually write them down and truly think them through. The Second Week on Doubt – wow that is something I need to work on but the tools in this course are so helpful. Can’t wait to put them all together and become a better person and parent! Thanks for being our coach and support Jennifer!"

Susan S.
Confident Parent Member

"HI Jennifer! I am just working on the ‘homework.’ I am just really impressed with the beginning of this course so far. The Balance Wheel I have really connected with. Normally, all the seven categories are bouncing around in my head constantly and I make daily mental notes of what I want to be different (or beating myself up where I feel like I am failing)(usually the bulk of the thoughts come when I am trying to sleep!) – but having the wheel in front of me, and visually seeing where I stand, albeit it somewhat depressing and feels like I am at the bottom of a mountain, it is slightly therapeutic to make the lists, acknowledge the now, and inspire myself by planning ideas for the future. Anyway, it made me think of going for your annual physical (minus the dreadful parts!!) – checking everything from top to bottom, then assessing and making a plan to improve yourself. It’s a great place to start 🙂"

Hilary Eves
Confident Parent Member

"As one of the special current members, I have to say how amazing it has been so far. You will be glad you put yourself on the wait list for this amazing program . Only a few weeks in and loving the benefits and self reflective evocation of what the course has to offer so far. This has come into my life at at point where it is so needed and I am blessed to be a part of this."

Carey Hurst
Confident Parent Member

"I am over the moon with how things are going with my toddler…my current approach has changed so much in me and in her (since taking The Confident Parent course)…I didn’t intervene, I just encouraged and sat back. I try and see everything from her point of view, based on her level of understanding and suddenly her behaviour and responses NEVER seem as frustrating…Today’s win was her learning to peel her own clementine. It was messy, it took FOREVER and she was impatient but I didn’t intervene, I just encouraged and sat back. The look for accomplishment on her face was like winning a million dollars."

Brandy Hunter
Confident Parent Member

"Jennifer is very efficient, easy to talk to, and highly organized. Her team has done a great job."

Jennifer Dittmer
Communications Manager

"Jennifer not only has the creativity to come up with great, new ideas, she also has the ambition and determination to implement them. Over the past 10 years Jennifer has consistently made suggestions on cross promotional advertising and inventive ways to grow my business. The quality of the Parent Guide advertisements, both in print and online, have constantly exceeded my expectations. Jennifer conducts herself in a positive and professional manner. She has treated me with such focus and attention i feel as if i were her only client. I would highly recommend Jennifer and her publishing and advertising services."

Harold D.
CEO, Children's Furniture Gallery

"Jennifer's ability to cultivate and support parents is amazing. I have been a parent guide member for many years. Her parenting magazine and parenting teens magazine has been so helpful in many areas of my life even though my children are now grown. Jennifer provides clarity to my day with her "you got this" email. Jennifer's ability to guide other businesses and coach others in their work has helped me to manage my business . She has knowledge in so many areas of business development. I recommend Jennifer highly in her knowledge of technology, ability to build a community and her business and "life" guidance. Jennifer has encouraged, coached and supported the growth of my business and my life! I recommend working with Jennifer in your business coaching, social media, and in her ability to support parents."

Nancy Gowan
CEO, Gowan Consulting

"Jennifer is one of the hardest working people that I know. She knows and understands what is required to communicate with parents who are expecting to be a parent, are a new parent or are a parent of a school age child. As a parent of four teenagers, one can say she has “been there, done that,” If a company chooses to advertise with her you can be assured that she will promote their business, not only in print in her books, and on-line, but also verbally as she attends Parenting Fairs and other similar events and activities. As I meet with people I often hear comments like, “I found the information in the Parent Guide or on-line, and found it to be so helpful. I know that I am not alone.” It is an outstanding resource for parents, educators and child/friendly companies. You will not find a more, knowledgable, caring, and outstanding individual to promote your business."

Sue Barnes
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist (And in full disclosure - she is also my mother-in-law:)

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