My Mission

I believe that Parent Coaches have the power to change the world because they changed mine…..

And that is why I have made it my mission to help Parent Coaches build profitable businesses they are passionate about.

Come work with me and let’s change the world together.

XOXO Jennifer

Is this you?

YOU are a heart-centered Parent Coach.

You love your clients and you create calm out of chaos in families everywhere. But the business side of what you do weighs you down, overwhelms you, and frustrates you. You can have calm in your business too! Let me show you how!

YOU ARE ON THE EDGE OF just may not realize it yet!

Who I serve:

  • Parent Coaches, Life and Wellness Coaches, Counselors, Authors, and Experts that support parents and/or their children

You are in the right place if any one of these describe you:

  • you need more clients/customers/sales
  • you want to speak on stages but no one is hiring you let alone asking you to speak for free
  • you want to be recognized in your industry as an expert
  • you feel overwhelmed
  • you feel like you are constantly "selling" to get people to work with you
  • you spend money on marketing that isn't working
  • you need help with technology
  • you don't have a clear brand
  • you are not getting referrals
  • you want to make an impact in the world, but most days you feel like you are spinning your wheels

Before you forge ahead without a plan, pay thousands of dollars in marketing that isn't attracting your dream clients, or ask the bank for yet another loan, please contact me.

I have short and long-term coaching programs that will fit any sized business and budget. My goal is to see you succeed.

Business Coaching: we get clear - we get focused - we get results

If you are a heart-centered parenting expert and you want to grow your business, let's connect.

With over 23 years in this industry, I have learned a thing or two that can save you hours of work, thousands of dollars, and numerous sleepless nights!

I offer a transformative group coaching package that includes weekly calls with me. I also offer a membership called the Parent Coach Club, and a year-long Mastermind group called the Inner Circle.

I not only work through your obstacles with you, but at times I also do the work for you!

I help you stand out in your industry, attract more clients, and make an impact!

Want to see all the ways we can work together? Click here!

A bit about me:

Hi, I'm Jennifer - Speaker, Business Coach, and Connector

I love what I do, but mostly, I love who I get to work with! I love everything there is to know about the parenting business...and watching others succeed, and grow, and find joy in their life.

There's so much information out there right now on the internet, so many books, so many opinions, and knowing who to trust and what direction to take can be mind-boggling for even the most seasoned business owner. I will help you zero in on what works now. You will save hundreds of hours (and possibly relationships) and learn from my mistakes and successes. We will follow a clear path to creating clarity in your work.

I have a proven process that helps you take from overwhelm to automation. I help you find a niche that makes you STAND OUT as an expert in your field of expertise - be seen, get paid, and love your work along the way. 

I am a mother to four incredible kids, a Business Coach for Parent Coaches and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. I have been in business for over 23 years. I have organized and ran online and in-person retreats. I have published 59 parenting resource books, where I have extensive experience in the following areas: writing, collaborating, editing, printing, sales, marketing, and distribution, social media, business start-ups, mentoring, time management, clarity coaching, and more. I have experience in non-profit and for-profit businesses, event organizing, retail sales, online sales, membership websites, and human resources. I have worked with large corporations, government organizations, and small businesses.

I currently publish a quarterly online magazine, ParentCoachand host a website for parents so they can search for a Parent Coach -

As you can tell, parenting is my jam! I live and breathe it! I also love everything there is to know about business...which leads us here, to supporting other parenting professionals on their journey to building a successful parenting business!

I pride myself on continuously learning new skills to assist my clients.  At the end of the day, the most valuable skill I bring to you is my ability to find out quickly what you want and what your business needs to grow. It is the clarity that almost all business owners are searching for. Having someone from the outside take a look at your business might be just what you need to identify the step you need to take next. I take the burden of uncertainty off your shoulders and I find ways for you to create more joy in your work.

Let's connect soon so that we can explore how I can serve you and your business.

With excitement to meet you,

Let's Connect!

Jennifer, Business Coach for Parent Coaches

[email protected]