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A Planner for Parent Coaches ONLY!

The Parent Coach Planner is currently only available to Parent Coach Club members and my 1:1 clients! If you are not a Club member yet, click here to get signed up!


3 Books In One!

Build your Business, keep track of your awesome clients, and plan out the next year using this goal-getter planner!


Purchase this planner now to get instant access to these 3 BONUS videos!

Purchase the planner now to get instant access to these BONUS videos that will get you started while you wait for your planner to be mailed to you!

Video #1: What are you telling yourself and how is this affecting your business right now?

Video #2: Find out how these three things you are doing could be the answer to your successs.

Video #3: What do you do when you fail? Find out why failing is almost as important as succeeding.

You will NEVER find another planner like this!

It was created by me, just for you, the Parent Coach! This planner is a place to create, doodle, sketch, colour, dream, and plan!

Quality Planner

This 200-page planner is substantial! It is printed on high-quality 65-lb card stock, bound with wire for ease of use, and a pocket in the back to keep all your loose papers. The planner size is 8.5" X 11", 1 inch thick, and weighs around 3 lbs! It's big and jam-packed with value!

Three Books in One

Inside, you will find 3 books in one. A fillable textbook that gives you a step-by-step to grow your business, (the same steps I take my 1:1 Business Coaching clients through), a section to keep track of all your awesome clients, and a 12-month Goal-Getter Planner!

PLUS Bonus How-to Videos

I have spent 20 years perfecting my business and I share all my business steps with you in this easy-to-follow video series. If you want to start and grow a Parent Coaching business, this is the way! Follow along and take small steps each day to reach your big goals.

This could be the best money you ever spend on your business!

It's time to get unstuck and start working towards your goals!

Heck ya, I want this Planner...it's a no-brainer!

Hi, I'm Jennifer...

...Business Coach for Parent Coaches, mom of 4 awesome kids, partner for over 25 years to a great man, and entrepreneur since birth! Raised by entrepreneurs and surrounded by my four sisters who are doing the same, being my own boss was in my blood!

And, thank goodness because I couldn't imagine a more fulfilling life. This is why I have made it my mission to support others so they can build an incredible business that fits with their life too!

I've been in the parenting business for over 20 years. For the first 18 years, I wrote books for parents, 59 books to be exact! I created an annual 6-figure business and I learned a lot along the way!

With my many years of education, experience, success and failures, I began Business Coaching and focusing on helping Parent Coaches grow profitable businesses.


I am always listening to my clients, asking them what they need to grow their business, and this planner brings three of the top concerns together:

  1. How do I start and grow a Parent Coaching business?
  2. How do I keep track of client growth and use their wins to grow my business?
  3. How can I put a system in place to identify and achieve my goals without all the overwhelm?

I answer all three of these concerns inside the planner AND I give you easy to follow how-to videos to keep you on track! Think of it as your accountability partner, business coach, and cheerleader, all in one!

I give you a step-by-step to creating the life of your dreams, the life I was able to create for myself and my family.

This is your fast-pass to all my knowledge (minus the mistakes I made along the way:)

Don't waste another minute trying to figure it all out. Grab this quality planner now and start creating the life of your dreams!



You had me at Hi! YES, I want this planner!

It's more than a planner!

It is 7 steps to building an incredible business in a fillable workbook format. You can doodle, sketch, colour, and create the perfect business for you!

The client tracking area gives you space to keep track of all your awesome clients, their AHA moments, and breakthroughs. 

The 12-month Goal-Getter Planner will help you break down your big goals into monthly, weekly, and even daily bite-sized tasks! 

Your package will arrive with not only this planner but also all the tools you need to create...pencil crayons, markers, post-it notes, and more! (a $495 value)

PLUS: you get instant access to 3 videos that could get you set up and ready to succeed! (a $197 value)

PLUS: as a bonus, when you receive your planner in the mail you will get a secret link to how-to videos to walk you through this planner step-by-step (a $495 value)!

That's a total value of $1187.

This is YOUR time to create the life and business of YOUR dreams!

YES, I need this planner in my life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This is the perfect time to get your business set up for success. We will walk through the exact 7 steps that I take my 1:1 coaching clients through. You will have a place to dream and create the business and life of your dreams.

Yes! If you want to grow your business and get some goal-getter systems in place...this is the planner for you! I have worked with many Parent Coaches that still struggle in their business years after starting. Working through these 7 steps creates incredible impact and results! And, isn't that what you want? This planner will become your new best friend!

Well, that could definitely happen if you are not willing to make some changes and take action.

I don't want to sugarcoat this work. It is still work! You need to take action steps forward to achieve your goals. I give you the steps but it is up to you to implement them!

Well, you are in luck! This is exactly why I created a PRINTED planner for you! This allows you to create the life and business of your dreams without worrying about tech! And, any tech you need, I am here to help.

Your package will be mailed out to you within 48 hours of purchase. Depending on where you live, you may receive it within 2-5 weeks. Shipping is not guaranteed as I rely on our postal system to get it to you safely and on time.

You will get immediate access to a short training to get you started while you wait for your mailed planner. 

When you receive your planner in the mail there will be a secret link on page 3 that will take you directly to all the how-to training videos! These will be the small actions you can take each day to reach your big goals!

You get instant access to three short training videos to help get you ready to create the life of your dreams but the full how-to training video series will not be available to you until you receive your printed copy in the mail.

If you want to prepare for success, and get more information before the planner arrives, head into THE HUB, inside the Parent Coach Club and watch the business training videos there. If you are an annual member, you can also watch the Parent Coach Quick Start Course and get ready to create when your planner arrives!

No, this is a one-time payment for this planner! The only subscription payment would be for the Parent Coach Club!

You have lifetime access to this video training! No rush to get to them now...but don't put it off...this training could make all the difference in your business.

No, it doesn't...but if you need 1:1 support, consider hiring me as your Business Coach! Here is a link to my calendar if you want to chat about this! www.calendly.com/parentguide

If you are not 100% satisfied with this planner, I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. It is my mission to see you succeed, but if this is not for you, tell me what you need. I am always listening to what my clients need and if you have ideas for improvement, please let me know!

No, you do not! This planner is included in your 1:1 business coaching package as long as you have purchased the 10 or 20 session package with me!

If you start working 1:1 with me in my 10 or 20 session package, after you purchase this planner, I will reduce your coaching price by $110. Easy-peasy!

No. Access to the Parent Coach Club is separate. Here is the link if you want to join the club. If you are not working 1:1 with me or a part of the club, this planner is not available to you at this time...but I sure am honoured you are interested in it! Come join the club and grab your copy!

Not a part of the Club yet? Connect, Learn, and Grow Together

This planner is only available to Parent Coach Club members and my 1:1 business coaching clients! Inside the Parent Coach Club we focus on connecting and collaborating with each other, learning new ways to reach our ideal clients, and celebrating our success. We are getting unstuck and we want you to get unstuck too! Come join us!

This could be the best money you ever spend on your business!

It's time to get unstuck and start working towards your goals!

Heck ya, I want this Planner in my life! Please send me one!

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