$1,500.00 USD

Group Coaching

Come join me for the first ever Group Coaching Program for Parent Coaches!
What's Included:
  • 10 - one hour sessions
  • A digital workbook
  • Tech support as needed


  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls forever (or for as long as I offer this program:)
We will tackle:
  • Your Niche
  • Your Messaging
  • Your Funnel
  • Your Website, social media and other tech
  • AND - you will walk away with a clear PARENT COACH PLAN

...so that you can streamline your business and have a clear plan for 2023!

 We meet Wednesdays at 3:00 PM ET (12:00 PM PT).

What People Are Saying:

Jennifer is truly brilliant, not only that she is genuinely invested in her students. She helps break things down in a way that makes everything seem simple!

I want to tell you how much I am enjoying our group coaching. I have done a lot of coaching, this is the best EVER! Thank you!

So helpful every week. You truly are offering exactly what you are hoping we offer.

Jennifer is a fantastic business coach who goes above and beyond to ensure her client's success. She brings wisdom, warmth, and her full attention to every session and conversation. I would recommend Jennifer's 1:1 coaching and the group coaching program to anyone who needs a kick start in their business, or like me, found it time to reevaluate marketing strategy, messaging, and CRM processes.

Having a coach, specifically, for parent coaches, was wonderful!!!! There was no need to weed through the information and translate it to my particular work. Listening to the other participants' particular focus as a parent coach was also so comforting, supportive, empowering and delightful. Jennifer's care and respect for us all are palpable, affirming, and uplifting. Her enthusiasm for her work, her dedication to our well being is like a loving parent. She understands, from her personal experience, what it takes to run your coaching business, to market, and the like. I am grateful for the time with her, the group and the material. I am all the better for it!!!

This programme has really helped me understand my relationship with my clients from the moment they find me to the moment I work with them (or not). I've been stuck on defining my "I help" statement for such a long time and following Jennifer's guidance I feel like I finally have it. I also am comfortable with the thought that it might change. Jennifer really knows how to speak to me, and say the right things to motivate me to do the work. She is incredibly supportive and has really helped me through a lot of mindset challenges. I always feel inspired and motivated to work on my business after each session. I have also received great feedback and support when things were not going so well for me. Overall, I feel like this programme has given me a fresh start in my business and allowed me to simplify many key things that I have been pondering and worried about in the past. Thank you