Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level?

Join the waitlist for the Inner Circle.

Join the waitlist for the Inner Circle

Doors are closed to the 2024 Inner Circle but you can join the waitlist today!

Where will you be a year from now?

Are you ready to join the Inner Circle and find out?

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels, overwhelmed, and looking for answers, but not quite sure what questions to be asking?

Have you made money in your business, but now you are looking for more ease and flow to your work - so that it energizes you instead of drains you?

Do you feel stuck and not really sure what to do next?

Are you looking for a group of professionals that can help you take your business and life to the next level?

Do you want more? More joy, more purpose, more connection...and more meaning?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are in the right place!

Welcome, my friend!

What's Included

Inner Circle is a 10-month Mastermind Group that helps you push past what is holding you back right now while connecting you to a small group of like-minded people doing the same.

10 1:1 Business Coaching Sessions

Meet with me to fine-tune your processes, stay on track, and grow your business. We focus on both the mindset and skillset you need to take your business to the next level. Let's dream big and have fun! Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Weekly Group Connection & Coaching Calls

Our small group will meet once a week for accountability and coaching/business training on alternate weeks. You will share, learn, and celebrate with your new best friends inside these calls.

Tech Support - Trello Board

You will have access to your own tech support VA during your time in the Inner Circle. Create social media graphics, your website, and build out all your email sequences. We can even support you with video editing. Choose 4 items each month and get the help you need to focus on your coaching and grow your business.

A 3-day In-Person Event

We will meet in person for our themed 3-day event. This year, our event will be in the Calgary/Banff area and the focus will be rest, rejuvenation, fun, and exercise...and most importantly, connection and growth. Leave with new friends and ideas!


A 20-minute weekly coaching call with me! If you want to reach your goals, I am here to support you along the way. This could be the difference between success and, well, struggle. I want you to have all the success in the world!


All your emails done-for-you!!!! I see so many coaches missing an opportunity to nurture their email list...but not will have all the kick ass nurture sequences in place and running smoothly! Bring your audience from just knowing about you to raving about you! Let's do this!

You have enough to do without worrying about your emails

Let us do your email sequences for you! You just fill in the blanks and voila...your emails done for you! So fun!

This would be amazing!

Sweet words from a current Inner Circle Member...


You are looking for:

  • A connection to other like-minded people
  • Joyful and purposeful interactions
  • Fresh ideas from people that have done it before you and are willing to share their secrets to success
  • a solid plan in place to grow your business
  • Accountability from a coach that can keep you on track and moving forward
  • Consistent encouragement to keep you going on those tough days (we all have them) 
  • In-person (when permitted) events that create huge impact in both your skillset and mindset

This is not your regular Mastermind...

It's so much more! It's business coaching, weekly group accountability calls, tools to push you past where you are now, and a connection that I cannot even put words to.

About Jennifer...

As a Business Coach for Parent Coaches, I love what I do, but mostly, I love who I get to work with! I love everything there is to know about the parenting business...and watching others succeed, and grow, and find joy in their life.

Here is what I know for sure. We all need connection. We need to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. We need to feel joy and excitement. We need each other. This was all too apparent at our very first in-person retreat in Miami in 2020. I want that feeling again, and I want you to have it too. It is everything!

These last couple of years have been challenging and many of us have discovered there is more to life than what we have limited ourselves to in the past. 

In the Inner Circle, we will push past these limitations, dream big together, and continue to follow the path that lights us up and motivates us to keep going.

Come join me inside the Inner Circle. This is your time to shine! 

Jennifer, Business Coach for Parent Coaches


Come join us in the Inner Circle for growth, connection, and joy! 

What's included...

Inner Circle is a 10-month Mastermind Group that helps you push past what is holding you back right now while connecting you to a small group of like-minded people doing the same. 

The Details...

We begin our weekly calls in February 2024. Our first online training happens in February where we will create and decide on your annual plan!

We then work together to create your intellectual property (Parent Coach Plan).

We streamline all your work and stay focused on: Your Funnel and all your Thoughts about your Funnel!

If you want more impact, influence, income, and ease...this is it. I help you make decisions, and stay focused so you get the results you desire!

More Details...

  • 10 - 1:1 Business Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Group Connection and Accountability Calls

  • A 20-minute 1:1 coaching call with me weekly!!! (This is huge)
  • Unlimited Voxer Group Access

  • Unlimited Email Access

  • Community FB Access¬†

  • Your own Trello Board for tech support¬†
  • An in-person event - Calgary/Banff, Alberta, Canada.
  • If travel is not permitted, these in-person events will move¬†to an exceptional online experience
  • PLUS: all your email sequences are DONE FOR YOU!!! (this is huge!!!)

Imagine where you will be one year from now?

What is possible for you when you surround yourself with a group of people that know you, get you, support you 100%, and want nothing more than to see you succeed?


Inner Circle includes Expert Training on how to write your first or next book. (We get it out of your head and onto paper...and get it done!)

Have you dreamed of writing a book? Or maybe you are exploring a topic for your next book?

As a bonus, we will dive into how to use your book to grow your impact, influence, and credibility in your area of expertise. We create a book funnel and explore ways to use your book to get booked on stages!

Your brilliant ideas and strategies are just waiting for you to tap into them, organize them, write them out, and get them out into the world.

This is your year! I've done it 59 times and I can show you how to write a book that can also make you money!

PLUS: Get an entire email sequence to sell your book!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have already written your book, I will help you find ways to use it to grow your business. Want to get on stages? Having a book gets you booked faster! Want to do parent training sessions? A book is a great way to help your audience implement your work. A book can take you from hidden to seen - and booked up!

Inner Circle - Value

10 - 1:1 Business Coaching Sessions - VALUED AT $6625
Access to my Group Coaching Program - VALUED AT $1500
Weekly Group Calls - VALUED AT $2600
Unlimited Voxer Group Access - VALUED AT $497
Unlimited Email Access - VALUED AT $497
Community Access - VALUED AT $197
In-person event (travel permitting) - VALUED AT $2500 
Access to your own Trello Board of Tech Support - VALUED AT $3500

PLUS: One full year inside the Parent Coach Club 2.0 - VALUED AT $564

PLUS: Let me write your emails for you...all your email sequences done-for-you! - PRICELESS (you could pay thousands for this copywriting!)

Plus a few surprises (Oh, how I love surprises!!!) - PRICELESS

For a Total Value of: $18,480

But you will only pay a fraction of this when you join!!!

PLUS: NEW THIS YEAR - get a 20-minute coaching call each week!!!! - valued at over $5000

For a total value of over $23,000 but you pay only $6950

Hear from my 1:1 Business Coaching Clients!

Are you ready for transformation? Come join the Inner Circle! You get 1:1 Business Coaching and so much more!


Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level?

Join the waitlist for the Inner Circle.

Join the waitlist for the Inner Circle

Doors are closed for the 2024 Inner Circle but you can join the waitlist today!

Do you still have questions?

Please reach out to me if you are not sure if this is for you! I want you to be 100% ready and I am 100% committed to making this work for you!

Absolutely! I want you to know exactly what you are getting and how this can impact your life. I would be honoured to chat with you at your convenience. Here is my calendar link:

I will be limiting this group to a small number of people in order to give everyone ample time to connect and share.

I am excited to get started with the 1:1 coaching with you! Once you join you will be given a few dates/times to choose from. We will schedule our monthly calls for the year to make sure your time slot is saved. This is a monthly call for our 10 months together.

Since I have been offering 1:1 business coaching, I have found that we do not have enough time to implement and test out everything we work on. I listen closely to what is needed and there is a resounding need for consistent support - especially for those who are taking their business to the next level. Building a business takes time. I joined a group similar to this when I was growing my business - in fact, I still belong to one today. These small groups are magic - we never know how we will get to our goals, but together we get there. Fresh ideas, consistent support, accountability, and the connection to like-minded people is the key. This is what we provide in the Inner Circle. 1:1 coaching on steroids...this is Inner Circle!

Great question! If travel is not permitted, I will deliver an exceptional online experience for you filled with guest speakers, inspiration, and lots of time to connect. You will also be mailed a few surprises as well!

Your costs will consist of your travel to and from the events as well as your accommodations and food* (with some exceptions) during the events. 

I will be covering all your activities (you know there will be fun activities:), training, and materials needed at our in-person event.

If we are unable to get together in person, I will be creating an exceptional online experience with a spectacular mailed package!

Our Inner Circle events are a mastermind style retreat where we have time to learn and time to have individual support from the group. There will be fun and engaging experiences that we will enjoy together as well.

No, it is not mandatory to attend live. This in-person event is a bonus. What I can tell you is, that this is an exceptional experience - shared with like-minded people who make their personal and business growth a priority. There is something powerful about being together for a few days...I hope you can attend, but if you cannot attend live, we will find a way to Zoom you in when appropriate.

Hey, I get it. This is a big commitment. I want you to know that your success is my #1 priority. I want this to work for you and I am committed to you for this entire experience, and that is why I want you to be fully committed when you join. This is a 10-month mastermind for those that are willing to put in the work to grow, for those that are willing to address their current limiting beliefs and push past them, and for those that are not afraid to try new things to get new results. Having said that, I do know that not everyone is a good fit for a program like this. Let's talk before you join if you are still not 100% sure this is for you.

If you join, but for any reason do not feel this is right for you, I can offer you your money back within the first 30 days of joining. Past 30-days and no refunds will be offered. This is a 10-month commitment - let's be sure it is right for you before you join!

YES! You will make your money back and hopefully a lot more - if you are willing to try new things and set aside the fears that are holding you back right now. If, after our 10 months together you have implemented all the training and coaching provided, and you have not made your investment back, I will work with you until you do! Just so you know, my plan is to help you make this investment back within the first 3 months inside the Inner Circle. I have organized this group strategically to bring out your true gifts, connect you to experts who can help you move forward, and surround you with like-minded people that will hold you accountable to reaching all your goals. This is possible! This will happen for you if you are open to all of the goodness inside and if you are ready to do the work!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

I took my business from $0 to over 6-figures TWICE...and I want to share all my strategies with you so you can do the same. 

Depending on what you offer, you may only need 2 or 3 new clients this year to make your money back. If you are open to the possibility of this happening for you, come join us! Your time is now!

We will officially begin as a group at the beginning of February 2024. If you join and pay in full before January 15th, 2024, you get $400 off. Book and pay in full by January 9th and receive a bonus-free coaching session (a value of $395). Your official coaching sessions will run from February - November 2024 - at monthly intervals. These sessions will need to be used before the end of November 2024 and do not carry over past that date.

Yes! I will only open the doors once a year. You will stay with the same group for 10-months. If you are ready, come join us by clicking the link below. I cannot wait to welcome you inside the Inner Circle!

Absolutely! You have your community now and the more you use it, the more results you will get. Stay in for one year or come back year after year and keep growing your beautiful business surrounded by friends that know you, get you, and will hold you accountable to reaching your annual goals. It is about connection for you and growth for your business, and time as a community to take care of both!

The Inner Circle investment is $6950 US for 10-months together. Join and pay in full before January 15th, 2024 and receive $400 off this price. Join and pay in full before January 9th, 2024 and receive an extra coaching session with me (valued at $395).

This is an investment into you and your business. We work on the mindset you need to take action in your business and the skillset to grow a profitable business.

When you join, I do not take this lightly. I will be with you for the entire year, offering the training and coaching you need to move forward personally and professionally.

If you are ready to invest in your future, come join us! Connection, coaching, accountability, and a few surprises here and there are awaiting you!

Let's do this! Your time is NOW!

What is possible for you when you surround yourself with a group of people that know you, get you, support you 100%, and want nothing more than to see you succeed?

Are you ready to brave the wilderness surrounded by others cheering you on?

This is our time to stand out and stand up for what brings us joy and contributes to this beautiful world. Let's borrow Brené Brown's thoughts until they are our own! It is possible!

Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level?

Join the waitlist for the Inner Circle.

Join the waitlist for the Inner Circle

Doors are closed for the 2024 Inner Circle but you can join the waitlist today!


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